Progress from 5 December 2017: Changes in 2018: New Open Access Journal System, Version 3 - OJS 3.1.


1. It is IMPORTANT to all users to log in to review their registration/submission metadata, with the objective to ensure that their respective ORCIDs are recorded in the format: Those who do not have an ORCID can register for it at with ease.

This is ongoing and important.

2. In the first week of January 2018, emails will be sent to all users in preparation to an official launch of the new OJS 3 on 11 January 2018, especially to notify them about the new websites/URLs.

A few challenges prevented this step from taking place and please accept my apologies. 

3. On Thursday 11 January 2018, formal launch of OJS 3 with new JESA website will take place and accordingly announced to users.

The launch was success and OJS 3 went live on 12-01-2018, retaining the previous website address:, and user login credentials.

4. All new submissions from 11 January 2018 will go to the OJS 3 website, using the new JESA URLs.

Users can use website address: and their login credentials to submit new articles to OJS 3 (by default) from 11 January 2018. 

5. All existing submissions (including those between now and 10 January 2018) will continue on the present OJS 2 and gradually migrated to OJS 3 over 2 weeks.

Authors whose submission were already in 'Assigned for peer review' in the previous system (OJS 2); and affcted reviewers 10-01-2018, can still use the old OJS 2 until 31-01-2018, but using strictly the provisional website address: This will be valid until 3101-2018.  

6. On Wednesday 31 January 2018, the present (Old) OJS 2 site will be closed, provided any submissions still on this site will have been migrated to the new system (OJS 3).

Please note that OJS 2 is now running in site and we hope that all the work presently in the 'Assigned for peer review' step will be cleared by 31-01-2018.

7. Absolutely no need to panic since all users will be taken along as smoothly as possible.

We do recognise that these changes could experience a hickups, however, all efforts are in place to minimise this and rest assured of continuity. 

Thank you for your continued interest in JESA and pleaese feel free to contact me when you have any query.

Best wishes Mok